Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Announcement of Election Result

The election committees are honored to announce that in October 7, 2007 at 1-3 PM after the Pchum Ben ceremony is ended, there is an election to choose new president of Cambodian-American Buddhist Association of Hawaii (cabah) including board members that has resulted as following:

  1. Peter Rom = President
  2. Khleang Sam = Vice President
  3. Vongkot Ouk = Treasurer
  4. Keith Yin = Public Relations
  5. Ven. Sophan = Secretary

All ballots that were caste are 48 votes of support and 6 votes of reject; all together are 54 eligible votes.

Election processed in a harmonious and understanding way with the strong support from the members.

We would like to thank all individuals, parties and stakeholders in making this event successful.

Declared in October 7, 2007

Chair of Election Committees

Ven. Sophan

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