Friday, September 14, 2007

Recreational Activities: Picnic, Socializing and Community Outdoor

On Sunday, August 19, 2007 there were recreational activities organized by Cambodian Community of Hawaii happily participated by Cambodian-American Buddhist Association of Hawaii (CABAH), members from Cambodian Association of America (CAA), Cambodian Students of Aloha at University of Hawaii (CSAloha), Cambodian Club of BYU, including several Cambodian-Americans and local mainstream people in Hawaii.

This picnic and outdoor gathering were fraternally and friendly at the Magic Island, the most beautiful beach park of Hawaii. Everybody was satisfied and fulfilled by Cambodian delicious food and friendly chitchat.

Meeting, socializing and sharing idea are good for strong community bond. Individually, it can provide us a sense of stress absence and enrich harmonious feeling. Socially, it creates unity and mutual understanding.

Grouped in the tent shaded from often sprinkling rain
Ladies have their own unique stories chitchatted under the trees
Khmer delicious and delicate food plentifully displayed on the table
They blocked together to protect themselves from the rain
Hey, shot me a pic !
Naturally, they grouped themselves with different interesting discussion topics

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