Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bon Chenh Preah Vassa or Buddhist Out of Lent Ceremony

Cambodia-American Buddhist Association (CABAH) and members had cordially organized Bon Chenh Peah Vassa or Buddhist Out of Lent Ceremony in October 7th, BE.2551 or AD. 2007 to earn goodness and prosperity for themselves as well as Buddhism.

Buddhist Out of Lent signifies the continuous celebration for the successful three months practice of Buddhist monks and devoted people who have been staying in one particular place (Aram or Temple) and practiced three Sekha (educations) strictly such as observing precepts (Sila), daily practicing of medition (Samadhi), and cultivating wisdom through theoretical and practical learning (Panna). The celebration has happened since the period of Buddha.

On that day, members were happy. They brought huge of Khmer delicious food and dressed delicate Cambodian traditional cloths. The ceremony started with chanting the mantras (Namaskaa) to worship to the Triple Gem: Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. They repeated and observed the five precepts such as: abstaining themselves from killing being to replace by spreading compassion to all beings, abstaining from stealing to replace by making a right living, abstaining from committing sexual misconduct to replace by concentrating on craving, abstaining from tell lie or using malicious words to replace by telling the truth and using harmonious speech, and abstaining from drinking alcohol or addicting to drugs to replace by developing mindfulness. After that they offered food in the alms-bowl to proken (offer) to the Songha to feed the Sangha as well as to commemorate and dedicate for the deceased relatives as the gratefulness expression.

The ceremony ended with lasting friendliness and satisfied emancipating from their peaceful concentration in the practice of "nothing else more happier than the cultivation of empowering stable peace to our mind". There also collected some pacchai (money) to reserve for further development of progressive future community and to build a Buddhist temple in Hawaii that the congregation is dreaming about.
Members were eating together in the upper floor of Asrom after the monks finished their lunch.

Members were enjoying to exchange each taste and have happily chitchat.

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