Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pictures and Activities of the New Temple Construction

Devoted Members are chanting Pali Mantras in the worshipping hall in front of Central Buddha Alter

Members are in the Procession March around the Worshipping Alter as the Walking Meditation to concentrate the virtue of Lord Buddha as well as focus on mindfulness of step by step walking. Each of them were holding the Buddha Statue for Buddha Bath Ceremony in the special occasion of Cambodian New Year Festival 2551

In the pavilion, all participants were eating and chating during Cambodian New Year Festival 2551

Buddhist Flage and the Pavilion a day before The New Year Celebration arrives

One corner at the East that prepared as the Buddha Bath and Sand Mount Ceremony with the Cambodian Waving Flage
Khmer Traditional Music Orchestra...they were rehearsing for the performance during New Year Celebration

They were enjoying lunch with huge of delicious Khmer food

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