Friday, May 4, 2007

Special Overview about Building Khmer Temple in Hawaii

Ladies, gentlemen and all friendly guests

Today I have the honor of presenting an overview relating to the purposes of building our As-srom Community Center and the purpose of the Khmer New Year Celebration

Ah-srom community center

With the commitment of the committees of the Cambodian association and all its members, we can begin to build our Ah-srom Community Center and establish a Buddha statue for worshippers along with a sitting space for about 20 people. This place will also have a room to accommodate monks, storages room and restrooms and so forth.

As early as December 21, 2006, there were many people of all ages and status who came to support the birth of our Ah-srom community center with donations, volunteer work and ideas. The list of donors is well kept and can attest to their generosity. I would particularly like to acknowledge the following people for their kindness, generosity and leadership: [When I call your name, please stand and be recognized.] Lok Rom and spouse, our community association’s president Savouth, Lok Ta Kieth, Lok Taa Kleang and Lok Vongkot – all of whom have dedicated countless hours every weekend to help establish this Ah-srom. In addition to the energetic and selfless participation of all the members of Cambodian Community in Hawaii, I also want to recognize the support and generosity of members of the Cambodian BYU University student club, as well as Cambodians and friends from University of Hawaii at Manoa.

[Oahu meaning] It is very crucial that our Khmer community establish our own gathering place all Cambodians and friends of Cambodian people can meet, worship and share in the rich culture and traditions of the Cambodian people.

This Ah-srom is being established with the purposes and goals below:

1. As a gathering place for all Cambodians and friends of Cambodians in Hawaii to meet at least once a week on Sunday and other specific ceremonial days.

2. As a worshipping place where all people can come to worship, observe moral precepts, give alms, meditate and learn about Khmer culture and the essential knowledge that leads to happiness and a compassionate life.

3. Establishing a starting point the will result in the building of our own temple or a Cambodian Buddhist Cultural Center in Hawaii. We envision this temple to be the heart of our community that preserves Khmer identity and culture.

4. Our Cambodian temple will also be the place where our members can hold family ceremonies such as offering dedicated to honoring our loved ones who have pass away, ceremonies that express devotion, birthdays, weddings and a host of other ceremonies.

5. Our Cambodian temple will also be a place where all of our community members can come to relax and enjoy the beautiful and quiet surrounding mountains and fresh air and purity of nature. This temple can also be a place of leaning, a place where our children can learn about the Khmer language and culture.

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